Month: January 2022

Snow Rose (Serissa Foetida) Bonsai Tree: How To Grow and Plant Care

The snow rose bonsai is a striking plant which will provide any interior with a serene look, with its twisted trunk, narrow leaves, and white flowers. It’s a plant suitable for bonsai growers who’ve tried their hand at this art before, as the snow rose is a fussy bonsai tree, difficult for beginners to master.  Here’s everything you need to … Read More

Ficus Bonsai Trees: How To Grow and Plant Care

If you’re just getting started in the art of growing and caring for bonsai trees, there’s perhaps no better start than to choose a ficus as your first bonsai tree. Not only are they easy to care for, and prefer living indoors or in warm climates (unlike some bonsai trees which are commonly mislabeled as indoor plants), but ficus bonsai … Read More

Pomegranate Bonsai Tree (Punica granatum) How to Grow and Plant Care

Pomegranate Bonsai Tree (Punica granatum): How to Grow and Plant Care

When you picture a bonsai tree, you might think of a pine tree with lots of deep green needles and a thick trunk, or an ornamental cherry blossom, with seas of pink and white flowers. While those are just two of the most popular types of tree cultivated as bonsai, there are others worthy of your attention, such as the … Read More

Aloe Plant: Different Types, How To Grow and Plant Care

Aloes are wonderful plants which add striking architectural form and color into any landscape, bringing out the best in your planting scheme, contrasting softer plants and flowers. It also helps that aloes are extremely tough plants that will thrive if you leave them to their own devices. Fancy growing your own? Here’s what you need to know. At a Glance: … Read More

Violet (Viola) Flowers: Types, How to Grow and Plant Care

Violets are some of the most cheerful little flowers you can give to someone, but they are also incredibly satisfying and uplifting to have them in your own garden.  They’re really easy plants to grow, which is why so many people use them as bedding plants, to fill out containers and gaps in their garden planting schemes. While you might … Read More

Pineapple Sage: Types, How To Grow and Plant Care

Salvia elegans, or Pineapple Sage, is one of those plants that you can’t just walk past. You won’t be able to stop yourself from brushing the foliage, or crushing a leaf beneath your fingers, to revel in the revitalizing smell of pineapple. Pineapple sage is very easy to care for, perfect for patios or pots, anywhere that needs an abundance … Read More

13 Types of Succulents That Are Toxic To Your Pets

Succulents are a fantastic way to introduce greenery indoors, and for a lot of people, succulents have almost become green pets.  While caring for our green pets is incredibly rewarding and satisfying, one thing that is easy to forget, and dangerous to do so, is the fact that succulents can be poisonous to our pets of the more conventional variety.  … Read More

5 Best Biennial Flowering Plants You Can Grow

You’re probably familiar with annual and perennial plants. Annual plants grow and live only for a single year, producing some of the brightest flowers available in order to attract lots of pollinators, to set seed before the plant dies. Perennial plants are also very beautiful, with the added benefit of being reliable bloomers. They will flower year after year as … Read More

Sansevieria Cylindrica Plant: How To Grow and Plant Care

One of the easiest but among the strangest houseplants you can grow is Sansevieria cylindrica or the African Spear plant.  Like many plants in the sansevieria family, it is a tough plant which is hard to kill, and likes the dry, warm environment that homes tend to offer, which would kill more fussy house plants such as orchids. It’s instantly … Read More

Indoor Fig (Ficus) Plant: Varieties, How to Grow and Plant Care

Nine times out of ten, if you’ve ever looked around your home and thought “Something is missing,” you can improve any room with a few houseplants. They allow a place for the eye to ‘rest’, making you feel more relaxed, while improving the quality of the air in your home. Some houseplants are grown exclusively for their beautiful foliage, and … Read More