Month: October 2021

Hawthorn Tree Flower Meaning And Symbolism

The hawthorn is a striking tree which is grown all over the world for its ornamental beauty.  It features stunning foliage, vivid berries, blossoms, and architectural branches, each season showcasing a different side to each.  It’s so popular and easy to hybridize, which means it’s found throughout the world, with nearly countless varieties. Some varieties can reach up to 50 … Read More

Zinnia Flower Meaning And Symbolism

Zinnias are admired and grown across the world, for both their unique charm and because they are extremely easy to grow from seed.  It also helps that zinnias are annual flowers, which means they provide temporary and much-needed color to any gaps or empty containers in your garden.  They also have an extended blooming period, making them one of the … Read More

Peonies: Different Types, Plant Varieties, And Facts

Peonies have some of the largest, most impressive and delicate-looking perennial flowers around.  We’ve admired them for as long as we’ve grown them throughout history, and they’ve inspired countless works of art, including visual art and literature.  Peonies have formed a central part in decorations for hundreds of years, in weddings and celebrations, carrying the most heartfelt messages you can … Read More

10 Common Types Of Orchids For Your Home And Garden

Orchids are some of the most striking plants on earth, while also being the biggest plant family there is, encompassing roughly 25,000 different species.  Orchids are known to cover every continent, apart from Antarctica, which is the only place they aren’t found naturally.  While this can make narrowing down a particular orchid very tricky, there are certain features which help … Read More

Top 60 Summer Flowers to Plant for a Spectacular Garden

While being one of the most anticipated seasons of the year, summer is the time when we can spend the most time outdoors and enjoy the best the year has to offer.  In other seasons, we dream of lazy sunny days, hearing the bees visit flowers, and watching the sun light up and transform our gardens into seas of spectacular … Read More

Lavender: Flower Varieties, How To Grow & Plant Care

Lavender is one of the most versatile plants around, not only for its benefits and uses, but also for its signature scent and beautiful flowers. Even if you don’t happen to notice them at first glance, your nose will recognize them.  They’re perfect both for indoors and in the garden, especially if you want a highly fragrant garden in the … Read More

Trillium Flower (Birthroots) Meaning & Symbolism

As with many plants, ‘Trillium’ refers to both a genus of flowering herbaceous plants as well as a specific plant.  When we refer to a Trillium, we usually mean the woodland plant which produces three petals per flower.  These lovely flowers look a little like a cup sitting on a saucer, with its cluster of three petals standing on three … Read More

Bird Of Paradise Flower Meaning And Symbolism

One of the most fitting and curious names for an equally intriguing plant, the bird of paradise flower is unforgettable.  The whole plant is striking, with huge, towering leaves that have an architectural quality, lending height and interest to any garden, conservatory or home, regardless of whether you choose to plant it outside, or keep it as a houseplant. The … Read More

Hibiscus Flower Meaning And Symbolism

Hibiscus flowers remind us of gorgeous tropical locations as one of the commonly used symbols of natural beauty you can find there.  It’s a testament to their beauty and our love for these flowers that while they aren’t native to Hawaii, they are one of the first images we think of when we picture Hawaii.  They are grown all over … Read More