Month: September 2021

Yucca Plants: Different Types, How To Grow and Plant Care

Yuccas are a diverse group of plants that are very striking, and add architectural beauty both in your outdoor space and indoors.  There are a huge variety to choose from, and there are some which are very hardy to cold, and some which can withstand drought and heat in abundance.  It’s not difficult to see why yucca plants are grown … Read More

Haworthia Cooperi (Cooper’s Aloe): Types, How to Grow and Plant Care

One of many interesting succulent plants, the Haworthia cooperi, or Cooper’s Aloe has a compact habit, and its fleshy leaves almost look like a window into the plant.  It’s the perfect choice for an indoor succulent garden, as it doesn’t need much attention in order for it to thrive. At a Glance: Haworthia cooperi Plant Facts One of the most … Read More

The Peculiar Green Roses: Different Types and Pictures

We always judge flowers by their color, and this is usually before we consider the form or the species. Take roses, for example.  We always consider the color before the form of the rose, whether that’s a single or double flower, our immediate associations and symbolism comes from the color.  It’s also the first consideration when we think of what … Read More