Month: August 2021

Poinsettia Flower Meaning and Symbolism

At Christmastime, you’ll see a sea of poinsettias for sale in every shop that celebrates the Christmas season. They go particularly well with the festive lights of the season, and match the traditional colors of red and green during this time. You may think that they represent this season, and while that’s true, there’s a little more to this plant … Read More

64 Popular Types of Bonsai Trees You Can Grow

Bonsai trees have a lot of common misconceptions. Provided with the right care and growing conditions, these plants will reward you for years and years to come with their ornamental beauty.  Maybe you’ve looked at bonsai trees and thought you weren’t up to the task of growing them. That they would be too hard to prune, repot, or even water.  … Read More

60 Flowering Plants for a Colorful Winter Bloom

When you think of winter, you might picture a thick carpet of snow, with no flowers in sight. You might begin to dream of hot summer days with seas of vivid color, of almost neon flowers and the bees humming to themselves.  Winter is for curling up indoors, for creature comforts, and doing what you can against long nights and … Read More

Top 8 Flowers of Hawaii and Their Meanings

Some of the most captivating flowers in the world can be found in Hawaii, but did you know they also hold a lot of symbolism? Below you’ll find a list of some of the most interesting flowers, not only for their beauty, but also for what they represent. Hibiscus It will probably come as no surprise that hibiscus flowers symbolize … Read More

What Do Heather Flowers Symbolize?

Heather is a widely admired plant for the sea of color that it brings to hillsides, mountains, moors, and what we call “heathland” in honor of how this plant spreads across harsh climates where other plants would simply die. The heather flower means different things to different cultures, but one thing is for sure, these tiny flowers have captured imaginations … Read More

Snowdrop Flower (Galanthus) Meaning and Symbolism

This resilient and beautiful flower is the gateway into spring. It’s essentially a neon sign shouting “WINTER IS OVER”. When this plant flowers, you might breathe a little sigh of relief — the sun will be out for slightly longer every day, and the temperature will surely rise, and the days will get longer. Before you know it, your garden … Read More

Hyacinth Flower Meaning and Symbolism

While popular as both an indoor plant and an ornamental garden plant, the hyacinth remains as popular as it ever was. It’s withstood the test of time, and changes within fashion and culture. The hyacinth is often given as a gift, and the flowers have a signature scent which is heady and hard to beat. Just like its enigmatic fragrance, … Read More

Gladiolus Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Gladioli are lovely plants which produce huge towers of vivid color, often bi-colors.  While its beauty can be distracting, and you may think that’s all there is to this flower, there is much more to this bloom than you might assume at the first glance.  The symbolism of a gladiolus isn’t as widely known as rose symbolism, for example, but … Read More