Month: August 2021

60 Best Types of Purple Flowering Plants You Should Know

The color purple has a lovely richness to it, no matter the hue you actually find it in. It’s often linked to ideas of luxury, authority, nobility, and royalty, and anything else that sets something or someone apart. One of the best ways that nature displays purple is through flowers. You can find purple flowers in every hue and tone … Read More

Black Spot and Other Common Rose Diseases and Pests Every Gardener Should Know

Roses are among the most widely grown and gifted flowers across the world. They have endured the ages, but that doesn’t mean they are immune to pests or disease. While modern roses have been bred to be more disease and pest resistant, there is hardly a way of stamping the vulnerabilities out altogether.  Some varieties are highly susceptible, and while … Read More

Lotus Flower: Different Types, How to Grow and Plant Care

To many cultures, the lotus flower is a holy symbol, and it is entrenched in symbolism. There are only two species of lotus that are living today that we know of, Nelumbo nucifera, and Nelumbo lutea, or hybrids of the two. The lotus is an ancient species of plant, and fossils have been found in North America and Eurasia dating … Read More

Types of Daisies: A Comprehensive Guide

Daisies are wonderful plants which have a cemented popularity in gardens and as part of cut flower bouquets. They form a large part of the huge Asteraceae family of plants, also known as the sunflower or daisy family. Daisies are native to many parts of Africa, North America, and Europe, and naturalize well in environments they aren’t native to.  The … Read More

Red Roses Meaning, Symbolism and Varieties You Can Grow

Arguably the most famous, if not the most popular of all the colors roses can be found in, the red rose is truly special.  It’s carried messages of the deepest love and desire that any flower symbolism is capable of, and it’s done this for hundreds of years, with good reason. The red rose has featured throughout the arts over … Read More

Juniper Bonsai Tree: Types, How To Grow and Plant Care

Forming part of the Cypress family, Juniper trees are often grown as bonsai as they are both fairly hard to kill and beautiful.  There’s around 70 species in the Juniperus genus, and while you may think that conifers are only found in the cold parts of the world, they range from Central America, Tibet, Pakistan, Africa, and the Arctic. In … Read More

Jasmine Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Jasmine is one of those captivating flowers, not just for its outward beauty, but for its unforgettable fragrance.  Each delicate-looking flower carries an unbelievable amount of scent, which has been used in countless ways over the centuries. Its smell and appearance has helped cement its popularity as one of the most fragrant flowers you can grow yourself. The scent itself … Read More

Top 27 Fascinating Black and Very Dark Flowers For Your Garden

There is something truly striking about plants which have extremely dark flowers.  They draw you in with their mystery, their unique appearance, as we tend to think of flowers as bright and uplifting, but there is a certain je ne sais quoi about flowers that are very nearly black. If you’re looking to create a truly, unquestionably unique planting scheme … Read More

Top 21 Types of Wildflowers You Can Grow

Wildflowers are among the most striking flowers that you can grow in your garden. While most of the plants on this list are grown for their ornamental value, it might surprise you to know that they are wildflowers.  This guide sets out everything you need to know about wildflowers, including how to care for them, and what types you can … Read More

Top 21 Ornamental Plants To Grow In Your Garden

You may just be starting out on your gardening journey, or you may be someone that’s exclusively grown crops or herbs before, and you want to ‘branch out’ into growing ornamental plants. There’s no denying that ornamental plants have a lot of beauty, and that’s the primary reason we grow them. They are plants which we consider to be mainly … Read More