17 Best Crystals for Houseplants: Adding A Spiritual Touch

While caring for plants with the right knowledge and practices is easily the most vital part of growing healthy plants, you can give your houseplants (and you) an extra helping hand by choosing the right crystals.

Crystals can help raise the vibrations in your home, tend to your spiritual health, and help you meditate, feel calmer, and crystals look great, too.

Let’s take a look.

Crystals That Help Raise Vibrations For Houseplant Care


You may or may not know that Amazonite is made up of feldspar, and a large part of the Earth’s crust is made up of feldspar, making it a great grounding crystal that’s also perfect for houseplants.

It’s a good intention stone, helping to clarify the positive and mute the negative.

To some degree, most houseplants filter out harmful pollutants in the air, replacing them with more oxygen. 

Unless you have about three hundred plants (or more), the effect isn’t enough to make a noticeable difference, not compared with a mechanical air purifier, but every little helps.

Amazonite is thought to act as a buffer against electromagnetic interference, which comes from the likes of our phones and computers, so it’s a worthy crystal to have if you’re surrounded by tech.

Amazonite is associated with the element of water, and also helps with communication, and opening up both the heart chakra and the throat chakra.


Another crystal that is great for houseplants, as well as being created in the Earth’s crust is Amethyst. 

Any crystal which is formed in the Earth’s crust is fantastic for houseplants and grounding.

This particular stone is associated with the element of Wind and has quite a few functions. It’s one of the most spiritual crystals you can obtain, helping to free up the crown chakra and open your third eye.

This stone allows you to move past your thoughts and worries to focus on what’s important, allowing you to move past anything clouding your judgment or holding you back.

It also clears the way to recognize any messages or signals your plants happen to be giving off.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is closely associated with the Earth and grounding, so it makes sense that it also helps with caring for your houseplants.

Some believe that it strengthens or even restores connections with the Goddess of the Earth, Gaia. 

Black tourmaline is perfect for clearing a negative atmosphere, dissembling any negativity, and anything that’s disrupting the energy flow in your home environment. 

It also helps encourage you to ground yourself and be aware of your surroundings. To look past anything that might be worrying you, so you can focus on what’s going on around you, and when you need to act.


Citrine is a gorgeous crystal that’s very uplifting, thanks to its warm, sunny tones. It’s associated with prosperity, wealth, and abundance.

If you can keep citrine near your houseplants, this will help encourage them to flourish, but it may help you in other ways that you wouldn’t expect, too.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is something that you’ll find in a lot of places, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its uses, or that it’s not a special stone in its own right.

Associated with storms, clear quartz acts like a magnifier, helping to charge other crystals and bring out their properties and energy much more effectively than they would be on their own.

If you find that you and your plants need more grounding, for example, pair clear quartz with black tourmaline, and you’ll notice a bigger difference in how connected you feel, and how your plants will get a boost, too.

It’s thought that this stone can even promote the health of the soil.

Clear quartz is also one of the intention crystals. If you meditate with it, you’ll set the stone with your intentions, which can be helpful in many ways.

Dendritic Agate

As an element of Earth, Dendritic Agate is absolutely beautiful and even looks like ferns or trees with its striking inclusions.

These are made from elements of manganese and iron, and give the stone its characteristic look.

This is one of the most effective stones you can put around your houseplants to raise the vibrations, and help give your plants an energy boost.

Green Aventurine

As Green Aventurine is associated with both Water and Earth, it makes perfect sense to keep it around your houseplants.

Not only that, but it is also a good luck stone, and will help promote growth in both your houseplants and your own life, inviting prosperity and good fortune.

Green Calcite

Associated with the elements of Fire and Water, Green Calcite helps to align your energy with that of your plants, allowing you to be more grounded and helping you see through any worries to look at how things are.

It helps clear the heart chakra and promotes nourishment and abundant energy. If your plants are looking a little sad, bring Green Calcite to the table.


A very protective stone, hematite is useful for grounding and strengthening your connection to the Earth.

While it is an incredibly useful stone, do not be tempted to put your hematite on the soil of your plants. Because hematite contains iron, it can rust. Having it nearby is enough.


Similarly, malachite should not be put on the soil of your plants, as it is a softer crystal, but this crystal is worth having around, especially when you keep houseplants.

It helps bring strength wherever you put it, so it will help promote health in any plants that haven’t had an ideal start, or for those plants that are in the phase of adapting to your environment.

Malachite also helps to mitigate any electromagnetic interference, helping to prevent wilting that seemingly doesn’t have a cause.


Moonstone is associated with the Wind, as well as the cyclical nature of life. The moonstone crystal helps keep you aligned with these cycles, and helps you to remember that growth (especially plant growth) is not constant.

It ebbs and flows, like the cycles of the moon, and allows you to manage your expectations to see what’s going on and appreciate each cycle for what it is. 

Moss Agate

As you might imagine, Moss Agate is connected to the Earth. It’s also associated with Gaia, and spirits that are deeply tied to the Earth.

Moss Agate attracts prosperity in its most natural form and will help open the door to understanding the natural world better, along with its cycles and all its forms.

Rose Quartz

Closely associated with the element of Water, healing, and love, Rose Quartz is always a good stone to have around.

It raises the good vibrations in any room, bringing harmony, healing, and peace to any room, while also giving your plants a boost, too, encouraging nurturing energy.


As glittery as gold, Pyrite is stacked full of iron, which gives this crystal tremendous energy and strength.

If your plants look a little sorry for themselves though your care schedule is right, pyrite can help them adjust to your indoor growing conditions. 

This crystal helps to encourage clarity, banishing negativity and acting as a buffer against any negative vibrations or energy bringing your houseplants and you down.

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz is deeply connected to grounding and the Earth. It takes negative energy and grounds it, preventing any build-up of negativity in your home, while promoting a relaxed environment.

As this stone is deeply connected to grounding, it also gives your houseplants a boost, as well as acting as a barrier against electromagnetic energy that might be limiting the potential of your houseplants.


Sodalite is thought to be connected to the element of Wind, helping to sweep away any thoughts that are clouding your mind and affecting your judgment.

It’s also a spiritual stone and helps to raise the vibrations and connect to your plants better, deepening your understanding of what they need and the energy they currently have.

Tiger’s Eye

Encompassing the energy of fire and earth, Tiger’s Eye is the ultimate source of courage, helping to connect you to your root chakra, and giving you a solid foundation of safety.

It helps ward off negative energy and will give your plants a boost, too.

Final Thoughts

While crystals can help raise the energy of a room, and helping to promote good vibrations, it’s important to use them alongside proper houseplant care for best results, as crystals are not enough on their own.

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