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Tulbaghia Species Society Garlic Image Index Alliaceae
Tulbaghia Species - Society Garlic Image Index (Alliaceae)
Tulbaghia acutiloba ex. Cathcart, Eastern Cape, SA.
Tulbaghia alliacea Vosa242/9 ex. Stellenbosch Reserve, SA.
Tulbaghia alliacea ex. Napier Commonage, Western Cape.
Tulbaghia capensis
Tulbaghia capensis ex. Napier Commonage, Western Cape.
Tulbaghia cernua CDR199
Tulbaghia coddii (Vosa) syn. T. poeticus (Burbidge)
Tulbaghia cominsii
Tulbaghia cominsii CGV1568
Tulbaghia dieterlenii syn. T. leucantha
Tulbaghia dregeana
Tulbaghia galpinii
Tulbaghia leucantha CGV449/38
Tulbaghia leucantha
Tulbaghia leucantha Hilliard & Burtt 11961 (RBGE 19790331)

Tulbaghia leucantha Hilliard & Burtt 11996 (RBGE 19790330)
The above form of T. leucantha has a distribution that includes N.W. Lesotho and Orange Free State, South Africa, and was once referred to, and is synonymous with Tulbaghia dieterlenii.

Please note Tulbaghia leucantha is exceptionally variable in flower and in height. All these photos have been accepted by Dr. Canio Vosa as correct for this species.

Tulbaghia cfr. leucantha * possible intermediate T. coddii x T. leucantha ID Vosa*

Tulbaghia ludwigiana
Tulbaghia ludwigiana CGV1552
Tulbaghia ludwigiana ex. Cathcart, Eastern Cape.
Tulbaghia ludwigiana ex. Keisskamma, Eastern Cape.
Tulbaghia macrocarpa B219 ex. Manyoli, Zimbabwe.
Tulbaghia montana
Tulbaghia natalensis
Tulbaghia natalensis B&V421 (Cone 1, white form)
Tulbaghia natalensis B&V421 (Cone 2, pink form)
Tulbaghia natalensis CDR84
Tulbaghia simmlerI syn. T. fragrans
Tulbaghia simmleri 'Alba'
Tulbaghia simmleri 'Cheryl Renshaw'
Tulbaghia simmleri (pink with white corona)
Tulbaghia verdoorniae (Vosa)

Interspecific Hybrids of Tulbaghia (for T. violacea and its hybrids see Tulbaghia violacea Image Index)
Tulbaghia natalensis x cernua ?*
Tulbaghia natalensis or verdoorniae x cernua*
Tulbaghia natalensis x verdoorniae

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