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Kniphofia or Red Hot Poker Hybrid Image Index A - J Asphodelaceae
Kniphofia or Red Hot Poker Hybrid Image Index A - J (Asphodelaceae)
Kniphofia 'Amanda Harris'
Kniphofia 'Amsterdam'
Kniphofia 'Apricot Souffle'
Kniphofia 'Barton Fever'
Kniphofia 'Bee's Flame'
Kniphofia 'Bee's Gold'
Kniphofia 'Bee's Jubilee'
Kniphofia 'Bee's Lemon'
Kniphofia 'Bicolor'
Kniphofia 'Border Ballet' - selection
Kniphofia 'Bressingham Comet'
Kniphofia 'Bressingham Gleam'
Kniphofia 'Bressingham Sunbeam'
Kniphofia 'Brimstone'
Kniphofia 'Candlelight'
Kniphofia 'Cobra'
Kniphofia 'Dr. E. M. Mills'
Kniphofia 'Dorset Sentry'
Kniphofia 'Drunmore Apricot'
Kniphofia 'Early Buttercup'
Kniphofia 'Early Primrose'
Kniphofia 'Earnest Mitchell'
Kniphofia 'Express Hybrid'
Kniphofia 'Fiery Fred'
Kniphofia 'Flamenco Hybrid' (1)
Kniphofia 'Flamenco Hybrid' (2)
Kniphofia 'Flaming Torch'
Kniphofia linearifolia 'Frances Victoria'
Kniphofia linearifolia 'Frances Victoria' seedling
Kniphofia 'Gilt Bronze'
Kniphofia 'Gladness'
Kniphofia 'Goldelse'
Kniphofia 'Goldfinch'
Kniphofia 'Green Jade'
Kniphofia 'Herzonii'
Kniphofia 'Ice Queen'
Kniphofia 'Ingenue'
Kniphofia 'Innocence'
Kniphofia 'Jane Henry'
Kniphofia 'Jenny Bloom'
Kniphofia 'John Benary'

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