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The African Garden Freesia Anomatheca Image Index Iridaceae
Freesia Image Index - including Anomatheca (Iridaceae)
Freesia (Anomatheca Group)
Freesia grandiflora syn. Anomatheca grandiflora
Freesia laxa syn. Anomatheca laxa
Freesia laxa subspecies azurea
Freesia laxa 'Alba'
Freesia laxa 'Joan Evans'
Freesia laxa 'Joan Evans' seedling
Freesia viridis syn. Anomatheca viridis

N.B. Hybrids occurs between the red and the white
forms of laxa in the wild in South Africa, which
is why they are included inb the species list.

Hybrids of the (Anomatheca Group)
Freesia laxa 'Rainbow Hybrid' - pale pink
Freesia laxa 'Rainbow Hybrid' - white
Freesia laxa 'Sunset Boulevard'
Freesia laxa 'Star of David'
Freesia laxa x grandiflora 'Naticoke'
Freesia (laxa x grandiflora) x laxa 'Plum Scrumptious'
Freesia 'East of Eden'
Freesia 'Shelly'

Freesia grandiflora has also been known as Anomatheca grandiflora and Lapeirousia grandiflora; Freesia laxa has also been known as Anomatheca laxa and Lapeirousia cruenta. Freesia viridis has also been known as Anomatheca viridis.

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