The African Garden

An online resource dedicated to the photography and promotion
of South and Southern African species of bulbs and their hybrids.
Many images from NCCPG Plant Collections once held by David Fenwick.

APHOTO Websites
The A-P-H-O-T-O Wildlife Stock Image Libraries
The APHOTO series of photographic websites that include APHOTOFLORA, APHOTOFAUNA and APHOTOFUNGI, were started by David Fenwick in 2004.

The first website in the series was APHOTOFLORA, the website was initially created to exhibit wildflower images taken locally in the Plymouth Area, but the area involved soon became much wider and in no time the website featured the flora of the whole of Devon and Cornwall. Due to the amount of time dedicated to the photography of wildflowers this website has become very comprehensive and displays a large portion of the Flora of the United Kingdom.

APHOTOFLORA originally included a few images of wildlife; these were removed about four years ago to a new domain that of APHOTOFAUNA. This website used to house all the images of marine wildlife, but these to have now been moved to APHOTOMARINE.

APHOTOFUNGI was registered and started in November 2006 and is continually added to; and features many images of horticulturally important fungal diseases of plants, as well as the more typical mushrooms and toadstools that one would expect from such a website.

All these websites have been created to exhibit an extremely wide range of wildlife photography. The websites try and exemplify the diversity that lies with both the animal and plant kingdoms and show those who visit the websites the flora and fauna that can be discovered locally in the westcountry. The websites have also been designed to be as educational as possible, easy to navigate and optimised fully with Google and other search engines.

Websites by David Fenwick

Dave - Website Design, Garden and Horticultural Consultancy and Photographic Services

A-P-H-O-T-O Wildlife Stock Image Libraries
Furthering environmental awareness and education through the medium of photography.

A-P-H-O-T-O Wildlife Stock Image Libraries

APHOTOFLORA - Wildflowers of South West England

APHOTOFAUNA - Wildlife of South West England

APHOTOFUNGI - Fungi of South West England

APHOTOMARINE - Marinelife of South West England

THE AFRICAN GARDEN is now part of the A-P-H-O-T-O Wildlife series of website and Wildlife Stock Image Libraries.